Thing 3's Birthday Recap

In typical Hanson family style Thing 3 reveled in her birthday celebrations for a good week.  We kicked off the big twelfth birthday with a date at the dinner theatre for a performance of Hairspray.  You must understand here, Thing 3 dances around the house regularly singing the entire soundtrack, especially "Good Morning Baltimore".  One of her favorites.  So Husband Jared and I gifted her with a trip to the dinner theatre here, one of very few dinner theatres that employs professional actors.  It was fantastic.  We dressed up and just the three of us were out for a night on the town.

 On our way out

 At the theatre

Dinner time

The entire experience was amazing.  Thing 3 was completely captivated with the sets, the actors, the singing, dancing all of the above.  A memorable night for us all.  The MC even wished her a happy birthday on stage, wow! 

Celebrations continued into the next week, her actual birth day.  One of her close friends was invited to sleep over and attend a fundraiser for a missions outreach at Sky zone.  Now commonly referred to in this house as "danger zone".  The reason being that Thing 3 came home injured, on her birthday no less.  Although the prognosis came the next morning, due to the late night return Thing 3 had.  She thought it might be rude and spoil the fun if she shared her injury with her friend, so they continued jumping!  The following day was set to be a girls day with lunch out and a trip to Sweet Retreat, a local cupcake shop that had been featured on Food Network.  We were all too excited!  That might not even accurately describe the anticipation I had.  And all for cupcakes. Our day held a minor detour to the orthopedic clinic for x-rays and treatment for the girls' ankle which was now swollen and discolored and hurting.  The x-ray showed a slight fracture on her growth plate and a boot was given for the next month.  No horse back riding, no running, no fun. 

Moments after the appointment

Thing 3 is such a trooper and determined to make the most of her day she requested a rather large cupcake to help with the pain.  Being the Mama that I am I obliged.  Anything for my baby girl.  OK, anything to satisfy my sweet tooth and curiosity. 

 Birthday girl with a s'mores cupcake

My delectable treat, strawberry balsamic cupcake with white chocolate frosting,
as featured on Food Network

I must admit here that I was a skeptic before entering this fine bakery.  More often than not cupcake shop cupcakes are way too large with a mountain of frosting that hurts my fillings.  These were not.  As evidenced by the photos above.  Really.  I have to make yet another confession here.  I had initially planned on eating only half my cupcake.  You know since we're in training and all.  And then I looked up and it was gone.  ALL OF IT.  My word.  Enough about that.  The girls were happy, the birthday girl smiling and we laughed and enjoyed our girl time celebrating Thing 3. 
Oh happy day!

Of course that wasn't quite the end of our festivities.  Thing 3 had yet to have her family birthday dinner.  On the menu, grilled chicken, artichokes and homemade mac and cheese with bacon.  Oh and red velvet cake with white frosting and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  What the birthday girl wanted, she got, and then some!  So we returned from our field trip and I began preparing.  We had quite the feast and topped the night off with a family viewing of "Hugo".  Nice flick, sweet story. 

 The fam, even Polo, smiling at the table, really they were saying,
"hurry up Mama, we're hungry"

Making a wish

 And that my friends is the story of Thing 3's birthday week.

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