Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

And today was definitely one of those days.  Some days are naturally a bit sunnier than others.  Other days not so much.  This morning was  not sunny.

I woke, same as I do most mornings, before the rest of the household.  That's how I like it.  A few minutes to start the kettle, read and prepare lunches.  All in the quiet.  Almost a reflective time and then sometimes not.  Today was not. I wasn't quite prepared for this little loop-de-loop on the rollercoaster ride though.  Today was field trip day for one child, I was chaperoning, on a bike no less, and can we just say  that the weather was not cooperating, another child was up with the sun working on homeowrk and I was ready for the day, or so I thought. I sat at the counter and before I could look up I heard those words, "I don't think I can make it at school today".  Only this time it wasn't because of an illness or a football match or even lack of sleep.  Today was exhaustion.  Emotions running rampant. 

Now I am inclined to write how I paused, took a moment and had the most brilliant words for this child of mine, but no, I wanted a quick fix and didn't so much as take a second then opened my mouth.  And what pretel were my grand words, "I need more than that".  Really?  Oh yes.  Cue the mother of the year award committee.  When she stared back at me with those big brown eyes I was crushed.  Mostly because I know.  I feel that way too.  No one tells me, "I need more than that".  This house has seen an abundance of those kinds of Mama days.  The ones where you need a  hug and your best yoga pants and maybe even your trusty companion of a blanket.  A pint of Ben and Jerrys wouldn't hurt either.  Yeah, I know those days.  So I took a deep breath and did the only thing I truly know  how to do and I prayed for some intervention, desperately.  I tried to be reassuring and loving and encouraging.  I hugged, made hot chocolate and then reminded her she needed to get ready for school.  Ugh.

We both made it through the day and by the time she was home there was at least half  smile on her face.  And of course a Mama a bit better equipped this time around with a full sympathy tank.  Because sometimes that's all we need when the days are hard. 

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