This is The Day!

Today is your birthday!  This is the day that the Lord has made!
What a gift you have been to our family.  The youngest girl and our third child, our Gillie Bean. 

You have always been a tender hearted girl, never met a stranger and quite the scrubber-shuff.  That's what Nana would call you because you wouldn't stop talking.  Still true.  These days we find it a challenge to peel you away from your books.  Classical music puts you to sleep and your passion for God's word is unbridled.  You like to test the water with your toes before you jump in.  Life is your stage and we so enjoy watching each act.  Horse back riding has moved up the ranks and is practically a full time passion.  Reading everything you can about them, taking care of them, grooming, mucking, etc.  You spend Saturdays at the stables helping with lessons after you have your own.  Apparently this has also been the year of baking and you have acquired a bit of a cupcake obsession.  The family has enjoyed the fruits of your labors on more than one occasion and who knows that may just be your calling.

This last year has been a true joy despite all the changes and newness in our lives.   You are a bright ray of sunshine for all of us.  May the year ahead hold wonderment and adventure and be filled with love. 

Mama loves you my twelve year old Gillie Bean.

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