Untitled...A Catch Up

Mainly untitled because this post is bound to be a mish mosh of words.  Unedited from my mind to the screen.  There is so much swirling around up there that it was time for a bit of declutter-ing.  Is that even a word? 

Life is moving right along here in the great white North.  Summer is quickly approaching and the days are long.  So long that the sun doesn't set until well after 9pm.  We all love that, except that there's still school and we can't quite enjoy the sun that late.  Dinners are being served later too.  A schedule that we all like.  Things linger in the front yard.  Flowers are blooming.  Tomato plants are flowering and the smell of cilantro and basil from the balcony garden makes it's way into the kitchen. 

We are all anticipating a full summer around these parts.  A June full of church camps and VBS and football of course.  Hopefully pool time and some downtime as well.  I am looking forward to creating our summer list next Friday when all the Things are officially done with the 2011-2012 school year.  I realized this morning at the kitchen island that we will have a sophomore, freshman, 7th grader and 5th grader.  Whoa!  I vividly remember thinking ahead to these days when the Things were all 5 years and younger.  Here they are.  There are days when they seem to have happened in the blink of an eye and others when the road seems long and windy and uphill.  Either way the time has arrived and parenting teenagers and tweenagers is an experience all it's own. 

Let's see what else is going on here.  Thing 1 is driving and learning that it's an acquired skill.  It takes time and patience and she is going to make mistakes.  Oh and her Mama can drive with her without losing her nerves.  Thing 2 is plowing through her eighth grade year.  Igniting some challenging discussions with her teachers and pushing the limits on every one's patience.  I mean that in the most complimentary way.  Really.  She is just as stubborn and relentless as her Daddy and those are both admirable traits that will serve her well.  I pray.  Thing 3 is walking in her boot and becoming more and more restless everyday.  Her ankle still hurts and this limited physical activity is beginning to take it's toll on not only her but the rest of us as well.  She is a girl that needs to run and play and go horse back riding.  Thing 4 is knee deep in football.  Matches twice a week, training 2-3 times a week.  He is loving every second of it.  He needs it.  When he is with his teammates they talk football, International and otherwise.  They challenge each other.  They simply have fun while playing the sport they love with all their soul.  Sounds silly to write that about 10 year olds but it is the truth.  It is his passion.  Husband Jared and I are training for the Minneapolis half marathon the first  Sunday in June.  That has been a grueling mental feat and a time commitment to say the least.  The rewards have been plenty, both physically and mentally though.  We enjoy being outside together and the runner's high that follows a tough run is always worth it. 

With all of this we are acclimating still to our new geographical location .  Alright, our home.  Sounds so permanent when I write it that way.  There is purpose for this season and all is well.  Stay tuned for a slightly deeper post coming soon.  Topic to be decided.  For now I will leave you all with this photo because a blog post is so much more interesting with photos.

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