Mama's Day

The Things and me before church, Sunday morning

Mother's day conjures up all sorts of memories for me.  Growing up it was a day where Mom was off duty.  Our large family gathered for brunch, typically, and we all spent the day together doing whatever it was Mom wanted to do.  Good times.  Now that I have been a mother for fifteen years the day has taken on new meaning. 

I will never forget a comic my own mother shared with me when the Things were littles.  It was Baby Blues and it was published on Mother's day.  The clips were of the children and the Dad all in the kitchen together, making breakfast, having fun and sharing time.  Mom is looking in on all this and says in a bubble above her head, "When is it going to be Father's day?"  Amen sister.   Don't get me wrong, I love to be doted on, showered with affection and served.  I am just more comfortable when I am the one serving.  Especially with my Things. 

 So there were no grand plans or spa trips planned for my day, just family time.  A healthy breakfast of maple bacon donuts, lunch out at our favorite little cafe and planting our salsa garden together.  The Things all made cards, and Thing 3 surprised me with a store bought gift of her own, choosing to spend her money on her Mama.  What a sweet sentiment and what a sweet girl.  The Things played with friends, had a water fight, took photographs and I sat and took it all in.  My heart exploding with gratitude.   

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