Another Birthday Post

Speaking of birthdays, I didn't share what else the birthday boy did on his special day.  Check out what Grandpa Ron and him were up to yesterday.

It is tradition that the grandkids go on their first motorcycle ride when they turn 8 years old.  Thing 4, despite his size, was most certainly not going to be the exception.  We planned on Christmas that I would take him out to Grandpa in the afternoon, so it might be warmer.  Ha.  I think the high temp for yesterday was 32 degrees, maybe, and windy.  Thing 4 was not deterred.  Didn't I mention that strong will in a previous post?  Anyhow, he bundled up and away they rode.  Through Leipers Fork and off to Pucketts for ice cream.  So they could warm up of course! 
You may ask if he enjoyed his ride, but of course.  He is ready to go again.  Between Thing 3 and him I may have some "bikers"! 

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