Weary Wednesday

I have no pictures today because we can not find our hard drive in the midst of this move.  It is somewhere, I just know it.  There is something I wanted to share today, you know for all 7 of you that read this blog. 

I have felt this tugging on my  heart, a gentle nudging if you will.  We moved about a week ago and have been knee deep in boxes, organizing, arranging, buying and decorating.  Needless to say I have not been diligent about my quiet time or devotions.  The ache in my heart has been for Jesus.  Advent began last week and 'tis the season for preparing our hearts for the Babe, our Savior, The Redeemer.  Yet I have not.  I used to pride myself on slowing down in December, not "buying" into the hustle and bustle of the retail world.  Well, this season has been different.  God has used it to show me some things.  Things I may  not want to see. 

I am flawed.  No matter what image I wish for the world to see, for my family to see, it hasn't been authentic.  I have been frantic, anxious, stressed and empty of joy.  What happened?  Where did Christmas go?  It, I mean HE has been waiting.  Waiting on me for this realization.  He had this planned.  Everything.  The move, the Things being sick, me coming to this state of desire, wanting, needing.  I trust that it is in His time.  Everything.

Now, how to apply.  Where do I store this truth?  How do I react to the Christmas gift?  We have but 16 days until we celebrate His birthday.  What will I choose to do differently now?  I hope and pray that I will be the change. 

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