New Digs

I have promised pictures of our new "digs" for quite some time, so here they are with descriptive captions and all!  Enjoy, and hey y'all are welcome to come out to Tennessee and see them in person.  We love house guests!

Girls' bathroom wtih double sinks

Super size laundry room, love it!

Girls' messy room, Christmas night! Thing 2 and 3 sleep on the bunk beds, Thing 1's bed is the green one in the corner

Computer work area

Bonus room, upstairs, translation: Wii and movie room! Not to mention game area and cozy reading room!

Thing 4's room, twin beds, a desk and lots of space

Thing 4's very own bathroom with a walk in closet connected, he lives like a king!
I guess it pays to be the only boy!
First floor pictures to be posted soon!

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  1. Sheila E Says:

    Very nice, I hope the move was to more room for everyone. I love your postings, you are such a good Mommy & wife. Enjoy your new place, all the best to the Hansons in 2010.

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