Missing Them

Right now I am lonesome for my old roommates.  You know, these guys...

and this guy too...

Who knew that after 6 months of sharing living quarters my heart would ache for them.  Let me remind you that we are only 2 miles apart.  I could walk to their house if I wanted to.  If the weather would cooperate and it wasn't winter outside that is. 
I miss coming home to Bob's tail wagging excited jump.  I miss seeing Jeff playing Wii with the Things, or running the dogs in the back yard.  I miss talking to Natalie about our days happenings or all of the silly stuff the Things told me about that day. 
I know we could share all that on the phone or even in person but there is something to be said for roommates.  Family roommates.  Hanging out on the couch in jammies kinda roommates.  Baking cookies and watching Amazing Race kinda roommates.  Tickling and rubbing dogs' bellies kinda roommates.  Staying up too late because you were laughing kinda roommates. 
I love my "X" roommates, just wanted you 3 to know!

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