I have been in stitches this entire weekend.  And well, Thing 3 has literally been in stitches this weekend. 

Friday night at our U10 soccer end of the fall season, beginning of winter season, (hey any reason to eat pizza and play more soccer), Thing 3 fell and bled.  The parents and coaches were playing the girls and the game was intense.  Thing 3 went for a ball against the wall, (we were playing at the indoor arena), it may be the South but it is still cold in the winter, fell and kept trying to play the ball.  Subsequently she drug her knee cap across the turf and tore off a big chunk of skin.  She limped off the field, no tears to be seen, and the sympathetic Mom that I am said, you'll be alright, let's get a band aid on that.  As I was playing Dr. Mom, a REAL doctor came up and informed me that she would be stitching up my Thing 3.  Ouch.  A trip to the office and 3 stitches later Thing 3 was home.  Tired, bruised and still without tears. 

That girl is tough.  So tough that the first words out of her mouth after stitches were, "Can I play in the tournament tomorrow?".  Of course Mom and Dad said no, we were taking the day off.  That didn't last.  Thing 3 completed her training camp in the morning, and then played 3 indoor games with her team, defending the goal!  Impressive. 

This is the first time any of the Things have had stitches.  Hard to believe the way they play.  We are so grateful that there are such generous and loving Doctor Parents willing to share their talents.  Thing 3 was completely comfortable and laughing the entire time they were fixing her up!  This Dr. Mom is grateful that my Thing 3 is on the road to recovery and this was only a minor bump in the road. 

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    we are too! you should post the pic!

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