Christmas Morn' & Ornaments

Thing 1's ornament this year because her favorite song is "Hope Now" by Addison Road
She sings it all the time, I love her voice!

Thing 2's ornament is a simple silver peace sign, and well I think that one is self explanatory if you know my tree hugging daughter!

A personalized horse for Thing 3 because on her birthday she celebrated by horseback riding for the first time with Grandpa Ron.

Thing 4's ornament this year is a soccer ball snow globe.  This might be because he is going to Florida for a 3v3 national tournament, or maybe because he is a soccer FANATIC, or just maybe because he will be playing for TNFC in the Spring! 

I decided I needed to take pictures of the Things with their ornaments and the reasons why so I don't forget when they ask next year.  Or when they are on their own and their significant others ask about them, or maybe one day, hold my breath, when they have children and their children ask about them. 

Salty discharge has been shed while writing this post. 

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