Monday Blahs

A wet and cold day here at the Hanson Household.  Not to mention our new "home" is feeling more like an infirmary today.  Three out of four Things are home sick today and their Mama is still in her pajamas at 3pm in the afternoon.  It was a long night here.  Every on the hour someone was in our bathroom taking care of some business, not good.  Little tummies ached and heads hurt and Mama couldn't make it better.  Blah.

Now they are napping, warm and snuggled in their own beds, belly aches subsiding.  And here I sit amidst boxes and chaos and sweet Things.  We moved last week, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Maggie and Emme came to visit over the weekend and here we sit.  Blah. 

I will have a Thankful Thursday post this week and I will share pictures of our new residence.  Soon.  After the blahs have dissappeared.  For now I must take care of my Things and take advantage of all the snuggles I am sharing. 

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