For Thing 1

While 13 seems "old" when you're 8, to this Mom it is a mere stepping stone.  A blink of an eye and the beginning of a new stage in this Mother Daughter relationship. 

Thing 1, I am so honored that God chose me to be your mother.  I can not tell you how I look forward to watching His plans unfold in your life.  I pray you always keep an eternal perspective and look upward during times of trial.  And there will be trials, but you are strong, He made you after all. 

You are full of love and emboldened in His likeness.  Your emotions are big and you live them outloud, unafraid of the world around you.  Yet, timid to newness and the yet unexplored.  Keep dreaming big and step boldly on the path He chooses for you.  You are destined for more than this world has to offer.  Resist the temptation and be different. 

Shine.  Shine for Him.  Shine.

I love you Thing 1, Happy Birthday Munchkin!

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