Oridnary Night Time

I was just inspired.  Brought to tears and inspired.  Another blog I read faithfully because well, this woman is Godly.  She is grounded and something in her writing always seems to take root in my soul.  It pricks where pricking is needed.  It reminds me who I was created to be and by whom I was created.  It is special. 

She wrote of her bedtime ritual with her children.  Every night, 365 nights a year.  And immediately I thought of all the times, every night, when I rush my children into their rooms, say prayers, pull the covers up and scratch backs.  Turn out the light and whisper "I love you" to each of the Things.  Sometimes they ask me to stay and lay and scratch some more.  To snuggle and make them not afraid.  And honestly I have said no before.  No, we have to get sleep.  No, Mama is tired and needs to do such and such.  Whether it be the dishes calling, the novel started, or my pillow beckoning me.  What am I missing out on?

My Things.  This precious time unable to be recaptured.  For in the near future they may not want their Mama to stay.  To cuddle, to scratch or even to pull the covers up.  I don't want to miss this.

 It is in the ordinary routine that the relationship is strengthened.  The security of knowing their needs will be met.  Both physically and spiritually.  In heart and mind. I have committed to this before and failed.  Consistency will last a few days and then I will tire once again.  Only this time when I do and I feel weak and tempted to turn out the lights without another story I will think of my Father.  Does He ever tire?  He doesn't say no to me when I ask for comfort or dreams to dream.  He always fills that Father shaped hole in my heart.  Always.

And for now I will try to be in the ordinary, the nightly traditions in this house.  The stories, prayers, dream telling and sharing and snuggles and laughs and tickles and scratching and whispers that come in the night hours.

I guess I will have to start tomorrow night though.  Tonight is date night with Husband Jared and the Things will be at their Grandparents.  Tonight they will have the night time to snuggle and love the Things.

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