The Main Floor

I have been promising a picture post of the downstairs, or main level of our townhome for quite sometime.  Well I finally remembered this morning while in the middle of my deep cleaning and figured snapping a few photographs was a welcome relief.  So, in no particular order here is more of our home.  Enjoy.

The front door and entry way

Window looking out into common area

Wall words, mine and Thing 3's project, it is 1 Corinthians 13:13
Look it up, it's good!

Dining "area", my work area, just keepin' it real people
And lovely roses, an early Valentine's surprise from Husband Jared, beat the rush and the price hike, that's how we roll.

Kitchen, my favorite place

My favorite cookbook right now, waiting to be opened. 

Powder room, the Girl Things really don't like when I call it that, so I think I will keep on keepin' on.

And now the master bedroom, yes Polo thinks this is his bed too.  And I know the photo is crooked, that unfortunately is also how we roll around here.  Take it or leave it. By the way, this is the view from the teeny tiny hall from the kitchen into the MBR.

And once inside the MBR this is our new lingerie chest, old school tv and my necklace holders.  See those doors?  Yes, those there, they lead right into the kitchen.  Close to coffee in the AM, thank you Jesus.

This is our bathroom, look closely and  you can see me in my PJ's. 

Had to include the spa tub, it is my new BFF. Truly.

Last but not least, Husband's office, oops, I mean the toilet closet.  I just had to.  If you know us, you understand why.

And that folks will wrap up our tour for this morning.  No tips necessary, unless they involve decorating or rearringing, than those are welcome.  Or better yet, why don't you just come over and we'll have coffee and you can critique all you want. 
Thank you, thank you very much!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    I love it -- so simple -- the kitchen counter is gorgeous and more counter space than other?!
    Looking forward to seeing it first-hand in April, speaking of..... Toby Mac is running the 1/2 marathon and KLove is doing a promotion -- I'm trying to win!!!!
    miss you so much my BFF!

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