Universal Orlando and The Boys Weekend

My boys spent a few days away from our homestead back in January.  Jared took Thing 4 to Orlando for the 3v3 National tournament.  It ended up being mostly a Father-Son weekend.  They shared a condo with 3 other Dads and their sons.  Needless to say us Moms stocked them up with waters, gatorades and endless snacks, some more than others thinking that their men wouldn't be capable of fending for themselves.  Are you kidding me?  My "men" for sure were looking forward to the lack of "something green" on their plates every night and the absence of "Mom rules".  What a treat!

Their flight departed on Friday morning and they did not return until Tuesday afternoon.  Two days missed of school, soccer games played, roller coasters conquered and some serious fun  had.  I am so happy that Thing 4 and Jared were able to share the weekend together!  Here are some photos from their adventures.

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