Party in CALI!

It has been a few weeks since our trip to California and I realized I have yet to post about it.  The trip started off with a jolt!  A jolt right off our scheduled, planned and paid for flights. 

We arrived at the airport early, traveling with 4 Things causes one to throw caution to the wind and allow an hour and a half for check in time.  Anyhow, all flights in and out of Ontario, CA, cancelled!  What?  Excuse me while I recessitate myself.  I do believe at this time I lost all color in my face and husband Jared was quite concerned that I would not make it.  After his travel savvy ways kicked in he managed to reschedule us and we were on a flight to Chicago...In 3 hours!  Tootsies here we come!

I realize now I should have snapped a few photos of the six of us, sitting in Tootsies, the bar, doing homework and listening to live country music.  Only in Music city!  Oh how I love Nashville.

The Things fared well.  They even managed to score pink lemonades and fried treats from Daddy while we waited and watched the show. 

On board we nervously awaited news that Midway was open and we were going to land despite the forcast for ice storms.  We landed.  We boarded another plane to LAX and arrived safely.  Albeit late and tired and grumpy and hungry.  But we landed nonetheless and the Southern Cal tour began.  Griswold style, no less.

Here we are, my poor brother waiting anxiously, circling the chaos they call LAX for us and there is a competitor's plane at our gate.  They were not mindful of the 4 tired, hungry, restless Things on board.  No they took their sweet time and 45 minutes after landing we were allowed to deplane.  Ugh. 

I must mention that Thing 2 and Thing 4 were invited by the sweetest flight attendant to serve peanuts to the passengers on the first leg of our adventure.  That was a treat!  Here they are.  You must excuse the quality of the photo, Thing 1 was so embarassed by her camera toting Mama that this was the best I could snap.
Now that I have whet your whistle with our travel tales, I will add more to this post tomorrow. 
The girls night, the rain and Lake Jaques, all to come.

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