Thing 1's Birthday Weekend!

This girl turned 13 yesterday, Happy Birthday my first born!

Her birthday celebration started off with a snow day on Friday, soccer tournament cancelled on Saturday, no church on Sunday, dinner at Cheesecake Factory that night, another snow day on her actual birthday and a birthday dinner and homemade strawberry cake last night.  Does it get any better than that?

At Cheesecake she chose Oreo Mudslide and they wrote her name on the plate and sang to her.  I am not sure if she was more excited about the dessert or the fact that they spelled her name correctly on the plate. 

When she woke on the  morning of her birthday she opened presents.  All she has talked about since Christmas was a leopard print snuggie, Thing 4 and I found one a while back and she wore it all day yesterday.

After a quick game of snow soccer and then a movie and game day indoors we had pizza and salad for dinner and this yummy cake which the other Things helped decorate.

They did an excellent job, Thing 1 was most impressed!
And then Thing 1 did this, but she didn't tell me what she wished for.

I would say it was a weekend full of celebrating! 

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  1. Sheila E Says:

    WOW, already? your too young to have a teenager. Happy Birthday Kenzie, may this year bring all you wished for.

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