1925 Göztepe

Thing 4's Turkish football debut.
His team, 2002 Göztepe, had a match, Thing 4's first.  Can you spot him? They play 6 v.6 and it was intense.  They played an older team and lost 4-3.  If it weren't for an own goal scored early in the first half they would have tied.  If only.  Husband Jared and I have been nothing short of impressed with the trainers, staff and organization of this academy.  Göztepe actually has a second league team here in Turkey, trying to make it to Super Lig.  We plan on catching a few matches. 
Here is Thing 4 taking a free kick in the final minutes of the match. 
He almost scored, no kicking it into the wall for him! 
We are so proud of Thing 4 taking on this new challenge.  The language barrier does not seem to phase him.  He is thrilled to be on the pitch playing the game.  Go Thing 4!

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