Windsurfing 101

This is how it began.  Well the windsurfing lesson that is.  The day actually began with the klimas going out once again, packing the cooler and towels and clothes, etc.  in the new vehicle and heading to Alacati.  Windsurfing capital of the world.  World people, that's right I said world!  In fact, the World Championships for windsurfing, sponsored by Pegasus Airlines, is taking place this very week right next to where the Things are taking lessons.

All 4 of the Things were scheduled for a week's worth of instructions.  Two hours everyday, beginning Monday and ending Friday.  In the above photo they are standing with friends who are taking the lessons with them and the two instructors. 

They were taught all about the equipment they would be using.  Names, it's function and how to handle it.  Then they were shown how to connect their sail to the board.  They were separated into two groups, the three girl Things and then Thing 4 with our friends.  And finally into the water. 
Here is Thing 2 learning how to balance herself on the board.
Thing 1, not so sure about how this is going to work out.
Thing 3 standing and starting to head out into the wind.
Thing 4 learning how to pick up his sail once he is on his board.  The instructor is standing on the other side of the sail helping.

The Things learned the basics.  By the end of the two hours they were on their own battling with the wind.  Husband Jared and I were impressed.  They were brave and excited and ready for more! 

There might be something to this windsurfing, for the remainder of the afternoon they were exhausted and worn out.  Not to mention starving.  The energy reserves were burned and I couldn't keep the food coming fast enough. 

It was so entertaining hearing their stories about taking nose dives off the board, avoiding oncoming surfers and then Thing 1 apologizing to Thing 3 for nearly taking her out.  Literally.  Her sail swung around and knocked Thing 3 in the back of the head.  Ouch.  Thankfully we have tough Things.  They laughed it off, since there was no blood that is.  

More to come this week.  And, if I can figure out how, I will post some video action of the Things.  

3 Response to "Windsurfing 101"

  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    WOW!!! Great job kiddos!

  2. CherylLee Says:

    they are soo cute, wish I was there in person to see them, what a great adventure! they were so tired the other night, I couldn't get more than two words at a time out of them...... you better get some more on film so we can see them! love ya, have fun w/ it!
    nani and popi

  3. Corynn Says:

    How fun! Send some more pics. Love you guys:)

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