Things' Debut

Alright folks, you've waited, you've been patient and now your wait has ended. We have video of the Things windsurfing. I take full responsibility for the quality of this video, well at least the shaky, fuzzy parts. Husband Jared has been editing my mistakes and compiling the best clips of the Things' showcase.
And now without further ado, we bring you windsurfing by the Things live from Türkiye.
(well not really live, but you know what I mean)

Let me know what y'all think of this video feature and if it works we can add more.  If not, well, please tell somebody else. 

3 Response to "Things' Debut"

  1. CherylLee Says:

    soooo sooooo cool, you lucky dogs~!

    love it, more, please!

  2. Corynn Says:

    What a great video, looks like so much fun!

  3. clarksonfamily Says:

    Hi! This looks awesome! I just joined as an official "follower".

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