Anniversary Post, Year 13

Just the two of us
Happy Anniversary Husband Jared.
For all the memories, thank you.  For all the love you have given, especially when undeserved, thank you.  For the example you are for our Things, thank you.  For leading our family.  For showing me what grace looks like, thank you.  For having fun.  For saying yes, all those years ago.  For living an abundant life with me, thank you.  For being brave.  For the adventure, thank you.  For being able to see past and through and after all the mistakes we've made, together.  For your commitment.  For your laughter.  For just being you. 
I love you.  Here's to forever more.

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  2. CherylLee Says:

    is he grilling again, or is this an old pic? LOL - love ya Jared!!

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