A Road Trip: Part One

This past weekend Husband Jared, myself and the four Things decided to take a road trip.  We ventured to the town of Ayvalık, about 2 hours North of Urla.  A quaint town known for it's olives and olive oil.  The drive was uneventful, with exception of the occasional farmer passing.
This is a regular occurrence around these parts.  Whether carrying their produce to neighbors or their furniture to the next location this is how they travel. 
We arrived at our hotel destination for the night and the Things went for a swim and enjoyed the water slide.  For dinner we decided to venture onto the small island of Cunda, pronounced Junda.    It was once a Greek fishing village and it has retained the Greek architecture and culture.  Small cafes line the cobble stone streets,  an abandoned church sits in the center of town, and of course the market shops enticing passer bys.

We walked, took in all the sights and smells and stumbled across this interesting fish case.
Because what else would you have your fish do while they are waiting to be eaten? 
Enjoy some spirits of course!
The streets wound around and while we were walking in search of the church the Things became astutely aware of how narrow the cobblestone pathways were.
And just how different each and everyone was.  How everywhere you turned offered a feast for your eyes.
And then after climbing a small hill and rounding the corner we discovered the church. Standing, barely, with the sunlight shining on it and an archway remaining we took a look around.
The window glass was gone, bricks were missing and every way you turned there were supports to keep the structure from crumbling.  It was St. Nicholas' church, known by the locals as Taksiyarhis.  There are frescoes still inside dating back to the 19th century, most of which have been defaced.
After our explorations of the church and several antique shops we enjoyed dinner at a cafe and sat and people watched until the stars came out.

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