A Happy Accident

I am sure that when some of you read the title for this post you may assume that this is another pregnancy announcement.  Let me reassure you all that it is absolutely NOT.  The six of us experienced a day yesterday that was filled with happy accidents.  Detours that lead us to unexpected and unplanned places. 

To begin the anniversary day with the Things, Thing 2 and Thing 3 rose early and decided to make Husband Jared and I breakfast.  Only to find that the ingredients are measured in grams and such and all our recipes are in the standard measure.  Ugh.  They were not discouraged though.  Husband Jared helped them with the conversions and they were on their way.  Maple walnut scones, juice and scrambled eggs. 
Rock stars in the kitchen!
After breakfast we had decided to make the trek to Kusadasi.  Another coastal town just south from us.  We had done research and were planning on visiting a Genoese castle on an island known as "pigeon island".  Kusadasi translated is bird island.  Apparently pirates once inhabited the island, even one so infamous as Barbarossa.  We thought the Things would be intrigued.  Anyhow, suffice to say we never made it to bird island or any other island for that matter.  Where we did end up was at the Zeus Magarasi.  An underground cave with a pool.  Supposedly icy cool water in summer and warm in winter, and a popular swimming hole for the locals.  That, however, did not deter the Things.  At least Things 2, 3 and 4.  Thing 1 dipped her toes in and decided it was much too cold for her liking. 
A happy accident. 

From there we debated on driving through the National Park we had stumbled upon or heading back to search for the island.  We decided on the island and lunch. 

Driving back towards the beach clubs and Kusadasi Proper we passed peach and citrus groves and several water front neighborhoods.  Beautiful sights.  By now the Things were ready for the surf and sand.  They were pleading with Husband Jared to find a beach already.  And he did.  Another happy accident.  After driving through, around and down some narrow, steep roads we found a beach club.  One that was even mentioned in our travel guides.  While it was crowded it was still the beach.  The Things immediately said, "this reminds us of California". It did bare some resemblance.  Remove the blue striped umbrellas and welcoming padded lounge chairs and sure it might have been Cali.  Oh wait, the water is clear and warm and the waves, not quite as large. 
Next, we found an Irish cafe.  Another happy accident.  Yes, you read that correctly, an Irish cafe, and stopped in for lunch.  Our waiter spoke English and informed us that all the pork products were shipped in directly from Ireland, and that their clientele was 95% Irish.  Who knew?  We did our best to savor each and every bite.  It really was delicious.  The Things immediately decided that we would be visiting here again. 
The Things begged Husband Jared and I to do some swimming with them so we ventured on to the crowded sand.  We jumped the waves, swam and were overcome with saltiness.  So fun!  By the end of the day we were ready for icecream and the drive home.  A magnum chocolate bar on the sidewalk was the perfect ending to a day filled with happy accidents.   

4 Response to "A Happy Accident"

  1. CherylLee Says:

    great job Things on the breakfast for mom and dad -- sounds like a fun day, hope we have some like that when we visit!
    love ya!

  2. tuneintonyo Says:

    Happy Anniversary Leanna and Jared! Keep filling your days with these wonderful adventures, you and your family will only be more wonderful because of them...(As if that was actually possible) (-:

  3. Sheila E Says:

    what a great day for the whole family to honor your special day. I remember that day well, you guys were a beautiful couple, many more blessing on you all. Loving your posts, thanks for sharing.

  4. The Van Dierens Says:

    You all look maaaavalous!!! What a wonderful family!!!
    We are loving your posts and keeping up with your fabulous adventures!!! :)

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