Nothin' Special

It is Friday, again.  Funny thing, happens every week just like the previous.  Yesterday was Thursday and our windsurfing lesson was cancelled due to the lack of wind.  Guess that is a necessity for W-I-N-D surfing.  The Things were mildly dissappointed and spent the next few hours of the afternoon complaining and whining and not being very nice. 

Today, however, is a new day.  Thankfully His mercies are new everyday and we can begin afresh on this Friday.  I did not respond well to their moods yesterday and I spent the evening thinking about why.  Why I couldn't just laugh it off, distract them or provide another activity for them.  The days like Thursday are not my favorite.  You know those days when you feel like nothing special is happening.  I just didn't vibe well with the Things, I wasn't the best Mom  I could be.  They weren't the best Things they could be.  We didn't shine. 

That being said, the day ended well.  The Things and I laid out on our lounge chairs and star gazed.  It was rather impromptu and so fun.  We all tried to determine if the blinking lights were stars or planes or satellites or planets.  It might be time for an astronomy lesson.  They asked questions this Mom could never dream of answering.  We were able to spot the big dipper and Thing 4 and Thing 2 saw shooting stars.  And then all at once we decided we were tired and it was time for bed.  That was the end to our day and the beginning of the anticipation for another day of wind surfing and somethin' special.

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