Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Farm

That was our day yesterday, we surprised the Things and headed to Stillwater for an apple orchard and pumpkin farm.  I was determined to find us an actual pumpkin farm.  You know the kind where the Things could wander rows and rows of round squash vines and find the most perfect pumpkin of their choosing.  No such place existed.  At least not in my search yesterday afternoon.  I did find us an apple orchard.  Only when we arrived we were told we had missed the window for picking our own apples.  Oh well.  The Things still found something to do.  And of course we sampled the apple donuts and apple salsa.  Then it was on to the pumpkin farm. 

Thing 1 wasn't too keen on this idea!

 Thing 1 took this photo, talented

Look at that face

Husband Jared took us on a scenic drive.  The leaves were colorful and lined the highway with beauty.  We also stumbled upon this bridge.  I couldn't pass by without taking a photo. 

After a short detour we found Bergmann's family farm.  Complete with pumpkins, already picked, a hay ride and corn maze. 

 Is it the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

 Finding the perfect pumpkin, or at least trying to

The Things changed their minds at least three times each, all except Thing 1.  She was quite decisive.  It was fun to watch them roam the aisles and consider what they wanted to carve and the character they wanted for their pumpkin.  When I told them they had to clean their own pumpkins that  weighed in on their decision making, a bit. 

My Things preparing for the corn maze

Pumpkins were chosen and weighed and paid for and then it was time to wander through the corn maze.  The Things paired off .  One team started at the entrance and the other at the exit.  They were off.  Husband Jared and I could hear them strategizing.  After a few failed attempts and a wrong exit they found us and helped some younger kiddos along the way.  Not sure if their efforts were entirely faultless though, I think they took a short cut somewhere along the way.  Regardless, fun was had.

 Corn maze

Our bellies were letting us know it was dinner time.  Husband Jared drove is into the quaint downtown area where we were in search of some grub.  Before finding a restaurant that appeased the Things we saw two inticing hills that we were requested to drive up and down, fast.  Fun.  We saw the main street and the park and some old buildings with such character.  A perfect place for exploring in warmer weather.  With Wisconsin just across the St. Croix river and a drawbridge in the distance we had some more driving to do.  So off we went.  Squeals of delight were echoing from the back seat.  Simple things. 

Sign at the entrance to the drawbridge

Thanks to the internet availability on my phone we found a local pizza place and ate us some good food.  We shared our highs and lows and headed home.  Such a great day.

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