A Forgotten Stop

I realized that I neglected to add a blurb about our detour to the carpenter's workshop/house.  I am not sure how I could have possibly forgot the route that took us through washed out bridges and running rivers.  Hmm?  These are the waters we passed.  I did try to take video but I was afraid of dropping my phone into the water below and figured that wouldn't be a great choice.  Plus I didn't want to return home and explain to Husband Jared what had taken place, or how we would go about replacing that one.

 Cameron and the Carpenter

The piece that the carpenter is working on above sparked a lively conversation between Holly, Mallory and I.  Mallory began by telling Holly that it was an unique Honduran musical instrument he was crafting.  Totally believable.  That is until I looked over at the porch and saw Ms. Peggy drifting away in the rocking chair whose arms just happen to look quite similar to said instrument.

And my oh my, not sure how I let this slip by.  This is the infamous bean dip.  Cue the hallelujah chorus.  No seriously, you should.  This was a gift from the angels, the cooking angels at the ranch.  Bean dip, heated below and ooey gooey cheese melted on top, and fresh chips, straight out of the grease.  I think someone might have asked if there was lard in any of this, to which I replied gosh I hope so.  I'm pretty confident there is because there is something to be said for lard.  Amen and amen. 

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