Beyond Words

There truly are no words that could accurately describe the week I experienced in Honduras.  None.  It simply is one of those "things" that unless you have done it it just doesn't make sense.  Actually some of it still doesn't make sense, at least to me.  I wasn't a person who believed that seven days could make a difference.  I wasn't a person that thought I could do something spectacular.  In fact, I still don't think I did.  The One that can do spectacular surely floored me with what He had planned for that week at the Mission.  To suffice it was an eye opening, scale removing, life altering adventure.  One I am truly grateful for and one I am still processing.  I plan to share a detailed day by day look into my journal I kept while there but for now I must share a few photos of the people I met that changed me for good. 
 A sweet Honduran girl from the village of Las Pitas

Study time in the church with the women of Las Pitas

A morning hike on the ranch property with our group

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