Day Five, Part Two

I think I left you after lunch. Filling more than just our bellies kinda lunch.  From the cafe we drove through town and to the clinic in Sardino, also referred to as the "treehouse clinic".  It really did remind me of being in a tree house.  There was a community kitchen and restroom.  Cashew trees and a wealth of space and supplies to serve the people with.  Meredith shared with us the history behind the land there and how mountains have been moved to provide for the people there.  Beyond what man could do alone.  After our pit-stop we were planning on hitting the open air market but it was closed.  It was also starting to rain.  The fruit and veg stands reminded me of Turkey.  This day we drove with Cameron and he was a store house of information and laughter.  His sense of humor had me rolling.  Really.  His love for the people was contagious.  And his candidness was admirable.

 Fruit and veg stand, from the car

Linda collecting water to flush the toilet in the clinic

Boy playing football at on the clinic property

The church we were going to was in Santa Rita.  On the way we were able to visit the house that the group from 4th Ave. helped to build on their last visit. 

 The finished house with the "helpers" and the
son of the family that lives there

 Wendy with the children in Santa Rita

Sweet girl through the window

So the preacher, Carlos, here at this church delivered a word that is still very much with me.  The story told of how monkeys are captured in the wild.  A bowl of rice is placed in a cage, the monkey reaches for it and WON'T release it.  The trap is complete.  Monkey captured.  I wondered how many times I have been like the monkey.  Ahem.  Or when have I not been the monkey?  There was a testimony from a mother whose son was prodigal, then that same son stood and shared and then there were songs and prayers.  Oh my the prayers.  I do believe that they shook the earth.  Truly.   The community of Santa Rita is special.  Our sisters there hugged us and sent us away with benedictions that rocked me to the core.  What a sweet gift.  What an honor.

Once again we were back at the ranch.  Only tonight after dinner there were special treats, marshmallows.  Mmmm.  Kacy and I hunted down branches for roasting and the experts went to work.  We all gathered round and shared in the ooey goodness.  I ate more than my share, of course.  Then there were preparations for our final day with the women of Las Pitas and hair cuts for Cameron and Riley and Meredith and organizing and good nights and good conversations. 

 Roasters extroardinaire

Haircuts for all

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    What an amazing journey, I've enjoyed every word of it and hope to chat about it on our next visit. Doing God's work is usually very fulfilling and sometimes beyond words. So, it is nice to be able to read some of how you felt and what moved you as you were His 'hands and feet'
    Blessings were had by all! God is good.

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