Final Day...In Las Pitas

I unfortunately do not have a wealth of words for this day.  Or fortunately, depending on your perspective.  A skit was prepared for our time together.  The story was the sinful woman annointing Jesus' feet.  There were Pharisees and Simon and a Disciple and Jesus and the Sinful Woman.  I was Jesus.
Preparing for the last day
 Linda, telling the story
The stage for our reenactment- poor Kacy played the part of the Sinful Woman
 and had to pretend that she was kissing my feet and annointing them with her finest perfume.  Thankfully the perfume helped to mask the foot funk.

Entering the stage

When we finished our skit it was the children's turn.  Today's lesson was about Noah.  An ark, the animals and the rainbow.  Again the children sang and colored and ate animal crackers with us.  Their joy was infectious.  For me it was a revelation that the women's creativity was sparked just as much, if not more, by the coloring sheets as well. 
 The waters receded and the rainbow was seen

 Coloring is fun for everyone

 Hope and sweet baby

Coloring for the first time

Once the lessons were finished we gathered for prayer and fellowship together over a meal.  Outside, playing with the children, sharing more of our stories with the ladies and soaking it all in.  At least I was. 

 Clinic Sign
 Lunch time
Playing the hokey pokey - I think Holly stole my camera!

I wonder who had the camera here?

We had prepared gift bags for the women we studied with all week.  Totes filled with toiletry items and special treats just for them.  Not to mention there were clothes stitched together with love and dedication for the children.  Suitcases full of them.  They were handed out to the ladies as well.  And then it was time for goodbyes.  Sad, bittersweet goodbye.  Not my favorite, as I may have mentioned before.  How about see you later?  Will that work.  Let me just say a piece of my heart was definitely left behind. 
 The clothes
 Our Group
Singing Praise

 Leaving the Church
And how could I forget, Ms. Trina drove down the mountain. 
 I was in the truck directly behind her, she did fabulously!
Check that smile out, love it!

It was actually an incredibly long drive down the mountain this day.  We stopped intermittently to visit with the children we passed.  Kemala handed out the clothes that were made.  When the truck would stop the children would wait sheepishy until someone was out and then they swarmed, all wanting something.  A chord was struck, and I am not sure in a good way. I just don't have words to describe what I witnessed.  So after all the stops we were on our way to the ranch.  Although a herd of cows had a different idea.  They were being moved to a new pasture and very much taking up the road.  Another deterrent on the longest trip back ever was a terrential rainstorm that hit us once we were down the mountain.  Oh and multiple bathroom stops.  The memories.  So grateful for those.  How could I complain?  I can't.  The entire experience of this day is priceless.  

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