Day Five...Part One, Finally

This day has been on my heart and is one of my favorites.  Could it be because it was Holly's birthday and I was able to share the day with her, or maybe because we worshipped in two churches in two different communities this day, or just maybe because we had a sublime lunch on the beach?  How about all of the above?  I don't like multiple choice tests so let me share.

We had decided the night before to surprise Holly with a granola bar cake, made by none other than Angela.  She is certainly gifted.  Atop the cake stood Jonah, sort of a mascot to us.  Here she is being serenaded by all of us and taking in the creation that is her cake!

After breakfast we headed to church in Namisigue.  Cameron was preaching and we were all ready for a word.  And let me tell you that is just what we received.  Although he stopped translating mid sermon the little bit I did understand was profound.  Enough so that I now know I DO NOT want to be a goat.  Javier also shared and then there was singing and praying and Communion.  I hope I am not skimming over this experience or making light of it.  Sitting in my plastic chair, in a brick building with no windows, no air conditioning, not even a ceiling fan and hearing the Scripture is indescribable.  My words do no justice for what was stirring in my heart.  I held the little girl next to me on my lap.  It reminded me of so many sweet moments with my own Things sitting on my knees, bouncing to the music and staring right through to my soul.  Oh my.  

The sweet lady with the green towel made the most intricate friendship bracelets
and we all bought our fair share after service

One of the girls we were visiting with after wanted to use my camera,
so here are Willie and I smiling pretty, oh yeah and Meredith looking on in the background!

From here it was on to Sardino for lunch.  On the beach.  The route there revealed a different landscape to us.  Sugar cane fields, barren melon fields and an upper class neighborhood.  Industry.  Then I spotted it.  On stilts.  Before seeing it, I smelled it and heard it.  The sea.  Calling me.

 Sight approaching cafe

 Lunch, which brought a few girlish screams from the table, my favorite was the fried pieces that they so carefully placed in the eye socket.  Scrumptious.

 The view from the deck

The kitchen where lunch was prepared

Sweet girl selling sea shell jewelry that she and her mother had made,
 her eyes were mezmorizing

We, well I at least, inhaled my lunch.  The fish was fresh and flaky and just delicious.  Not to mention the plantains and salsa that accompanied it.  Holly had yet another surprise on her special day and Cameron had indiscreetly ordered a tres leches cake for her.  They even played the happy birthday song in Spanish and we all sang along.  Special memories that helped make the day simply fantastic!  We sat and listened to the waves, watched the pigs on the beach, tried coconut water and coconut sweet treats and just were still.  For a moment.  It was bliss.  

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