Hasta Luego Honduras

Well the night leading up to the last day was uneventful.  We arrived in Tegucigapa after a rainstorm, cleaned up, stood in awe in the hotel lobby and felt like we were at the Ritz, ate dinner at Chili's while watching the United match, got the run around from some locals in the parking lot and had a closing circle night in a hotel meeting room.  There were some profound words spoken within the circle.  Thoughts to meditate on, to contemplate and to hold close.

Holly and I were room buddies and we talked and talked and jumped on the beds and then we crashed.  Hard.  We slept well.  Then we woke up to a gluttonous buffet in the hotel breakfast room.   It was wonderful.  All of us ladies chatted some more, shared more and I think cried more.  At least I did.  Walking through the airport was surreal.  We actually had to leave.  Time to return to our families and the many roles we play.  Or at least I did.  

Take a look at some photos from the hotel lobby.

 Holly and Me
 Holly, Willie and Me!
 The team, filling out hotel surveys
Kacy and her sweet Mom, Janet
There were more goodbyes in the airport after check ins.  The team from the Mission left us on our own.  We spotted a football team, Club Montagua, and I watched a bit of the Barca match with them.  Good times.   Security was an adventure to navigate and we waited at the gate patiently for the first leg of our flight.  The next part of the journey home.  The take off from Teguc was not quite the nail biter that the landing was.  Uneventful thankfully.  It was bittersweet to watch the city fade into the background as we left.  When we landed in Miami I was hungry.  Sushi was on the menu and it was a treat to share yet another meal with a few of the ladies.  Another flight and then home in Nashville. 

For me, a sweet sight was when we deplaned in Nashville, there were husbands waiting for their wives.  As soon as they were spotted the ladies went a runnin.  Wish I would have had that on video.  For me it would be another night before I was reunited with my familia.  I did get to visit some more with the Adams family though.  I'll take that any day of the week. 

A short coffee meeting with one Ms. Julie the next morning and I was on my way, there just never is enough time for chatting with girlfriends.  Back to the Things and Husband Jared.  The last flight was too long most likely due to my anxious spirit.  I was ready.  I wanted to share all that we had seen and done and experienced.  Hugs were handed out excessively and I inhaled their sweet Thing smell. 
Enough for now.  More on that later.

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  1. tuneintonyo Says:

    Great to hear of your journey through these updates!

  2. LKH Says:

    Thanks Uncle Tony for reading. Appreciate your thoughts. Hey would you mind subscribing Aunt Paula to the blog? I've tried unsuccessfully to do so after she asked this last time. Thanks much. x

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