Oops, I forgot...

On our way to Tegucigapa, we made a quick stop in San Marcos.  It is here that the boot maker works and it is here that yet another extension of Mission Lazarus functions.  There is a school that was given over to the Mission to use by the government.  Within the walls is an elementary school a sewing school, storage and office space.  The community is here.  Together.  Seeing how the "body" operates.  Back to the boots.  Feet were measured earlier in the week and custom orders placed for those that were interested.  And then just a few short days later the finished product.  Wow. 
 Red boots for Wendy. I love, love, love!

 Sewing school tour.  Their work was so intricate and detail oriented.  They did smocking and embroidery and made gorgeous clothes.  Very talented women.

 Boot maker's shop

The Boot maker, I couldn't resist. 
And I will leave you with that.

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