This past Christmas I did not remember to snap a photo of the Things with their ornament for the year.  I'm recognizing a theme here from previous non photo events.  Anyhow, I thought for posterity's sake and my fading memory that I should at the very least pen what ornament they received for 2012 and why.  So if you're interested continue reading  and if not go back to previous posts. 

Thing 1 - crutches ornament, for obvious reasons.  A knee surgery and wisdom teeth removal.  Quite a year.
Thing 2 - Tangled ornament, for the serenades that Thing 1 receives nightly, for her Rapunzel like hair and because she loves this movie
Thing 3 - baking ornament, well because if you're around here you know that our house is usually not without cupcakes or cookies or other creations whipped up by our resident baker, it's her gift!
Thing 4 - Manchester united boot ornament, enough said right?  It's his passion.  His love and right now his world.  All football, all the time.  Pardon me, Utd. football.  Thank you RVP.  You've made a difference.

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