A Photo Montage of New Year's Eve and the Day After

This is how we spent our New Year's Eve, breakfast at OPH, playing American football in the snow, playing cards and playing Wii.  Oh, and enjoying the company of a few friends who shared the evening with us.  Then we put toothpicks in our eye lids to hold them open until that magic time of midnight.  We made it and scurried off to bed as soon as the ball dropped, we gave kisses and sang happy birthday to Nani!
The family, waiting for pancake goodness
Serious game of golf going on here
Will and his footie buddy Cade

Godfodda and Goddaughda
Loving on Polo, her buddy

Waiting for midnight

Gianna wanted to play cards too
Waiting for midnight...we were in bed at approximately 12:02am, hello 2013!
2013 woke us early with Nani's birthday and plans for a family photo shoot and lunch at Big Bowl, Nani's choice.  Which was fine with the rest of the family so long as the Nebraska game was within view.  Thankfully we made that happen. No picture outtakes or lunch so just more photos of us playing games, singing happy birthday and Nani blowing out ALOT of candles.  It was so fun to celebrate her birthday together, we haven't all been in one house for New Year's in a while.  I made the obligatory chili and cornbread and even though there were no fire works or Rose Parade as we don't have cable we managed to enjoy ourselves just fine.
outdoor football, brr
afternoon cards, more golf
birthday time
a little Nerf gun fun with Willwee
Nap time, oops, I mean football time!
Just Dance, it'll be alright!
Go Poppi!  Is that Thing 1 laughing in the background?
Make a wish Nani
Cheesecake anyone?
 On a side note, this little girl became quite the dancing queen while she was here.  She decided to show off her moves with her older cousins and Thing 4 caught a glimpse of it on video.  Is she stinkin cute or what?

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