Family Fun Day

Husband Jared and I decided that with the cold coming, let me rephrase that, bone chilling weather on the horizon, we would enjoy a bit of fun before we were hunkered down indoors. With a few options to choose from we did ask for input from the Things and to no surprise they chose food and a park over a museum.  I suppose after a stressful week of finals and studying and papers galore they wanted some fun.  Have they not learned that every family outing is a learning opportunity just waiting to be exploited? 

By lunchtime my tumbly was quite rumbly and we thankfully made it to Cossetta's in the knick of time.  Along with the rest of St. Paul I imagine.  It is always a beautiful drive crossing over the Mississippi and entering the twin city.  Either way, this Italian market/cafeteria style restaurant peaked my interest and I was beyond delighted that we were dining there.  We stepped in line and began looking over the menu.  So many choices.  The pizza was superb we were told but I love me a meatball sandwich so that was my first choice.  As I was standing in line waiting for my grub a familiar smell invaded my senses.  I was back in my Nana's house.  Sausage and peppers cooking on the stove top and she was waving that wooden spoon at me.  The smell transported me back and all I could say was, "come smell this, it's just like my Nana's".  Sure enough it was just like Nana's. Husband Jared had the sausage and pepper sandwich and my oh my, the taste buds did the happy dance!  Here are the Things during lunch, I asked them all to show their food and not all obliged.  Typical.

With our stomachs quite happy and full and cannolis adding the cherry on top we were off to Rice Park to view the Peanuts statues.  We are Charlie Brown fans around here and I had read about the park and the statues adorning the area.  Sounds like our kind of outing.  The Things ran around climbing on snow piles, watching the ice skaters, chasing pigeons and having fun.  Then the wind came and we were almost blown away.  Really.  A few token pictures with the statues and stories about the characters and notes taken that yes Dad does actually look like Charlie Brown and then we walked to the river side.  As breathtaking as the view was, so was the wind-chill.  Hats blew off our heads and we were walking hunched over all the way back to the car. 

Linus, Sally and The Things, this one might be my favorite

Husband Jared, Things and Charlie Brown

 Me and Charlie, he's a good man you know

Linus and Lucy
There's a storm a brewing...
All in all a great family fun day. 

Down by the river, the great Mississippi that is

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