A Sunday to Remember

My favorite day of the week.  Especially when special people are here to share in corporate worship together.  To lift our hands and voices high and praise the One that gave us all this.  A time to bring my brother and his family to our church home, a place near and dear.  Gianna did great, enthralled by the big screens and singing loud for all to hear, that is after all the best way to spread Christmas cheer.  Couldn't help myself there.  The Things sat in the middle, surrounded on each side by people that love them more than words.  It was a good morning.  I wasn't able to snap any photos of us all together at church because come on people we had to get an 18 month old ready and ten other adult sized people as well.  Who am I kidding it was a chaotic morning.  Still good.  Really good. 
From church we ran home, devoured lunch and departed once again for the Thing 4's championship game.  Gianna ran all over the dome, giggling and being chased by the girl cousins.  It was sheer joy for those girls.  A big win by Thing 4 and we celebrated all the way home.  Uncle J and Aunt Corynn had promised to make us dinner this night, not allowing Husband Jared and I in the kitchen at all.  Boy was that tough.  First we, meaning all the grown up siblings, had to make a grocery store and sushi run.  A little bonding time and adult conversation.  Poppi and Nani had all five grandkiddos to themselves and did they ever enjoy that.  Needless to say we had an incredible meal, played more games and Thing 1 managed to get Gianna to sleep for the night, little girl fell asleep on Thing 1's lap, all tuckered out.  And I didn't do the dishes, set the table or stir a pot.  What a nice treat!
Sweet cousin time

The chefs of the night

Gianna learning how to play ping pong, entertainment since I couldn't be in the kitchen

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