Game Day

Saturday was filled with lounging around, football games for Thing 4, lunch at the local mall in between games, which of course involved more shopping, movies and a friendly, or I'm sorry, rather competitive ping pong tournament. 

Here is a collection of photos from the day, including the home made bracket, yes it was that serious.  That's how we roll around here people.  I've tried to tell you.  Friendly competition is like an oxymoron, just ask the Things. 

 halftime action with Uncle J

 corner kick by Thing 4
First Jamba Juice
 Just Dance tournament

 more of the same!

 Ping Pong championship, complete with lines judge, Thing 4

 the bracket

Gianna helping Auntie LeLe cook, love that girl
Girl Things were trying on dresses in this shop and Gianna and I were having fun, really she was pulling all the grey hair out, thank you.

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