House Guests, Part Deux and a Birthday Dinner

Following our amazing Christmas day we were all filled with anticipation over the arrival of the Stuck family.  Especially the Things who were thrilled to be meeting Gianna for the first time.
Although first on the agenda was Thing 4's eleventh birthday.  He woke early to head out for our second annual football meeting at Brit's pub in Minneapolis.  A few of his mates met us there and United gave us quite a match to watch, the best part being the winning goal scored just minutes before the final whistle blew. 
The boy giving thumbs up for the win
Let's just say there was back bacon, baked beans, sausies and English muffins devoured for breakfast and then we hit the skyways on our way to Target.  There the shopping commenced, Christmas deals were found, the boy spent some birthday money and all was well.  One car headed home and Thing 2 and I were airport bound.  Come to find out a suitcase had been lost and we spent a good forty five minutes chasing Gianna around the airport.  Once the baggage was loaded and the car seat securely locked in place in Auntie LeLe's car we drove home, me attempting to be a tour guide as I drove.  The cold and the snow was a bit of shock for our California family members and there was no easy way to break it to them.  Just jump right in! 
Poppi, Nani and the rest of the family were waiting at home as were presents so we tore right into those.  Gianna was overwhelmed, not sure if it was the cousins or Polo, whom she was quite taken with or the presents, either way our house was full of noise.  Just the way I like it. 
Uncle J sporting his new shades
 A long day of travel left this little one a bit sleepy
Since this was Thing 4's birthday his dinner choice was pizza at Old Chicago.  We loaded up our two vehicles and had a caravan over to the restaurant.  Once again sharing our city with the new guests. 
The entire gang at dinner
Thing 4 and Gianna

Birthday boy with his present from his sisters
Our bellies were full and it was time for cake so home we went.  Yellow cake, chocolate frosting and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream were Thing 4's selection this year.  He blew out all the candles and cut the first slice, per the tradition.  We shared the sweets, celebrated the boy once again and all fell into bed, exhausted from yet another full day together. 


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