The Boy

Here's to the boy, the only one of the four.  The youngest.  Now eleven.  I have told him there are no more birthdays allowed, no more growing up.  I know I can't stop it and while it is such a gift to witness there is a tinge of heartache for this Mama. 
This boy is special.  He holds my heart for sure.  He also holds the door for his sisters and I.  He offers his seat to others and he has this way with those younger than him.  It is sweet to watch.  So tender.  He cries at injustice and is passionate about his football.  He longs to be outside always and his energy is limitless.  He dreams and builds and shoots Nerf guns and draws comics and performs for the family.  Never, ever a dull moment around here.  The talking never ceases and he always has something to contribute to the conversation. 
A man is emerging and I pray he is molded into the image of the Creator, desiring to be in His will and praising the One that made him. 
Please don't lose that spark. 
 Keep on shining.  Keep on serving.  Keep on praising.  Keep on learning. 
Happy, happy birthday sweet boy!  Mama loves you.
Always smiling

Filling those big shoes awfully well

Hanging with Dad

Fearless, at age 5

Love the hair, and that face
Thing 1 and Thing 4, eldest and youngest

Most current, flying high

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