Finding a Word

I have been incessantly thinking about, dwelling on and nagging my self over my word choice for 2013. And guess what?  I still don't have one.  A word hasn't chosen me.  I haven't chosen a word.  Either way, here we are two weeks in to the new year and there isn't a word.  Nada.  I mean I know words and words have flooded my thoughts and all that but there hasn't been one ta-da moment if you can relate.   

It began before 2012 came to a close.  I assumed it would be simple.  Just pop right into my head during quiet time or maybe jump off the pages as I read, linger after a sermon.  Alas, no.  When explaining this concept of a word of the year to Husband Jared he just shook his head.  What was my word last year he asked.  When I responded "listen", he said to what.  Then I patiently took the time to explain to him what I was listening for and to and all that.  Maybe I just didn't do such a great job adhering to my word or allowing it to inspire the way it was intended to.  Must not have been quite the example I desired to be. 

Despite that and my loss for a word for this year of 2013 I am searching.  Still listening.  Waiting.  I thought I had one.  I was almost certain it would be "love".  But that just didn't stick.  Didn't sink into my heart the way I had hoped.  Now I'm left without a word. "Do" was the other choice.  Then I thought of the Nike slogan, "Just do it", and I discarded that one altogether.  Am I not listening closely enough?  Not seeing what's staring me in the soul?  Please help.  

I need a word.  And a meaningful one at that.  One that throughout the long days and the joy-less afternoons and on my knees in prayer kind of nights that will continue to spur me on.  A word that will offer a reminder of the intention of this year.  Am I placing too much emphasis on this?  Perhaps I am.  Still, I want a word.  Maybe if I close my  eyes I will see it there, in the dark?  Or possibly waiting with the sunrise in the morning?  I know it will find me and as soon as it does I will share it with all of you.

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  1. cheryl lee Says:


  2. The Van Dierens Says:

    HUMBLE! I think this word serves you and your family as I think of the many things you do for others and the gracious family that you are! Love and miss you, Auntie Robin xoxo

  3. LKH Says:

    Auntie Robin, thank you. Your words do humble me, so very sweet. Miss you tons. xo

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