A Birthday in Franklin

So there we were, in Franklin, close to Thing 3's birthday, Autumn's birthday and actually running the race on Aunt Natalie's birthday.  What else could we do beside celebrate these three?  That is exactly what we did.  Granted, we had a grown up birthday dinner for Natalie the night before but this day involved all the kiddos, Things and the little cousins, maybe even a few neighborhood kiddos thrown in too.  Just for good measure. 
Autumn was generous enough to allow Thing 3 to choose the cake.  Uncle Jeff was baking and to say Thing 3 contemplated her choice carefully would be an understatement.  Mint chocolate cake.  There you go.  The Internet was scoured and he came up with just the right recipe, Andes mints were a key ingredient.  Right up my alley for sure.  I couldn't wait to taste test.  Before that though, there was a special present for Autumn from Gpa and Mema, family hang out time, a carpet picnic complete with dinner from the Shroom and then a fashion show starring the birthday girls!

 The scooter was the present from Gpa and Mema and Autumn couldn't wait to get outside and give it a go.  With Daddy's help she was a fast learner and was scooting around all by herself.  Of course there were a few minor bumps along the way.  All part of learning.  And nothing a hug from Mama and some encouragement couldn't cure.

So proud of herself, just like the big kids!

Dinner time, carpet picnic for the kiddos and the two biggest kiddos!

"Adult table", Gemma too!
The birthday cake, candles in the shape of 13 and 3!

Happy birthday girls
Present time for Gillian
This little girl wanted her big cousin to hold her
Princess Esmeralda, her cousin's hand me downs for dress up,
so sweet to see her enjoying this!

Birthday girl finale of the fashion show, both sporting new outfits!
And when the day was done this is how Thing 3 felt, completely overwhelmed after a day filled to the brim with all her favorites!  I'd say that is a sign of a successful birthday celebration!

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