The rain is pounding the windows.  Thunder was my alarm clock this morning.  Lightening flashes tried to peek in through the blinds.  I love it.  Love staying underneath the covers and just listening.  It was quite a show.  Then, because I'm not one to dawdle around in the early morning hours flung the blanket to the side.  I crawled down the stairs, started the coffee and lit my candles.  This is a great morning.  Me.  Still house.  Flickering flames.  Possibility. 

What does your Saturday hold?  Maybe some reading.  That's what's next for me.  C.S. Lewis, my cup of coffee and a fuzzy throw, all snuggled up.  I've been itching to do a post on my word of the year.  I haven't forgotten.  It hasn't left me.  More like been my shadow.  Nudging.  Reminding.  Not looming in a negative way.  Just ever present.  And so necessary.  That's what I'll be up to.  I hear a movie might be in the mix today.  Husband Jared's idea.  Hopefully some of Thing 1's famous popcorn too. 

I do hope that your weekend is filled with all your favorites.  Some unexpected delights and glimpses of heaven.

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