Stepping Out

I have words dancing about my mind.  Begging to be written here on these blank pages.  Only they do not have form yet.  So I'll share about our weekend. 
This weekend was another two days.  All the usual.  Errands.  Soccer training.  Sleep overs.  Friends, game playing.  Laughing.  Revealing our competitive nature.  True colors being shown. Cooking, baking, watching the rain, watching movies and me falling asleep on the couch.  Early.  People, what is happening to me?  Not going to bed early but just flat out done by 9pm, happy pants on and sleeping soundly on the couch.  Who am I? 
We worshipped loud yesterday.  Hands raised.  And while singing the words I saw them rising.  Permeating the heavens.  Then I felt Jesus smile.  Has that ever happened to you?  It was pure.  Our pastor stepped up to the podium and in the midst of a week defined by poor government decisions he delivered a spirit filled sermon.  Challenging.  Thought provoking. 
We had small group.  Our last gathering before summer.  Maybe one of my favorite discussions yet.  It was lively.  There was no outline.  No form.  Sharing of opinions.  Fleshing out some hard stuff.  Always coming back to the Word.  The one and only Absolute.  I have to lean on that.  Trust that.  Worldly kingdoms will rise and fall, eternity will outlast them all. 
It is the only Kingdom that will endure forever. 
And now Monday.  Why are you so difficult?  Only one more Monday left before summer.  Cue the chorus.  We will be doing our happy dance around here.  That means there will also be a junior, sophomore, 8th grader and a 6th grader living under this roof.  Heaven help us! The excitement is too much to bear.  No really.  One of those four might just have her license.  Another one is traveling for a church trip.  One more is going to JAM camp for a week and the boy is trying out for ODP, Olympic development program, and maybe will make the regional camp squad.  Much to look forward to.

Now Thursday and finally sunshine in these parts. Spring has been a slow time coming and even today it is only in the 50's.  I will not complain though.  Gratitude for the sun, for it's warmth, for the green starting to cover everywhere.  Creeping in.  One patch at a time. 

I have been vacant from this blogosphere.  Missing the tapping of the keys and the time it allows me to share with all of you.  I'll try and be more present here.  No guarantee though.  The words come and then they go.  Sometimes in the middle of a run and then by the time I walk through the door they are gone. 

For now, check out Thankful Thursday.  Are you choosing joy today?  I am.  Here's to you and yours.

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