Thing 3 Turns 13

It is here, the day that Thing 3 officially becomes a teenager.  I knew it was coming.  One day.  Then it seemed so far away.  Somewhere off in the distance.  And now it has arrived.  I remember waking this morning for my usual appointment, one week over due and dealing with the Arizona heat.  To say I was ready to meet this jelly bean would have been a drastic understatement.  I WAS READY.  Waddling around, chasing her two older sisters and rubbing my belly every time she kicked to remind us she was in there, I was ready.  I went to my appointment, still not a lot of progress, only I was swollen beyond recognition and my blood pressure was sky rocketing.  Straight to the hospital for me.  Thankfully Poppi and Nani were home with the other two, waiting in anticipation. Husband Jared met me there and we walked the halls, did laps and willed this little one to join the party on the outside.  Not at all surprising now that we know her,  she was quite cozy where she was and not so anxious to be on this side of it all.  After a strenuous few hours she made a grand entrance and boy was I ever happy!

Yes, big brown eyes, reddish peach fuzz(for the first three years of life),
and that smile, still the same
She is the youngest of the three.  A force to be reckoned with.  Confident in her place as daughter of The King.  Yet, just sheepish enough to not let you know it.  That is unless you are in her inner circle.  Well then let's just say that you have become the audience and the world is her stage.  This girl can make us laugh like no body's business.  Usually when the mood is tense or there needs to be some lightening up.  Randomly and without warning she will erupt into song.  Her servant's heart astounds me and the tenderness with which she gives is the sweetest.  We have watched her step out of her comfort zone this year and enter the world of acting.  The girl has stage presence and a memory that is out of this world.  What talent.  It has been nothing short of pure joy to watch her blossom and discover the world beyond.  When she sets her mind to something she does it, meticulously, with an attention to detail that I admire.  And although we often have to pull the book away from her we don't believe that is necessarily a bad thing.  The care in which she looks after her siblings and her friends is precious.  Always concerned about everyone else and their needs before her own.  Generous.  With her love and her possessions.  Truly a gift to our family and all those she has met along the way.

March of this year, at the beach
 2003, Poppi's pool, love this face

Birthday party, 2006

Maybe one of my favorites ever, 2009, Franklin, TN

Stage buddy and Thing 3 just after their dialogue performance

Now this, this is Thing 3, that smile, the dimple and full of life
Thing 3 you are pure joy and I pray the year ahead is filled with unexpected twists and turns as you follow the path set before you.  May you shine bigger and brighter for His glory. 
Mama  loves you so very much.

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