My Day

Really it's the day I am ever so grateful that these four Things made me a Mama.  I'm laughing as I type that word, "mama" because every time I write it that way the Things tell me I'm spelling it incorrectly.  Then I laugh because I'm the Mama and I can spell my word however I want.  Can I get an amen for that?  For myself, amen sister, amen. 
My one request for the day, I did not want to clean the kitchen, not even once and I didn't want to be responsible for planning our day. That's it.  We could have eaten cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No matter so long as I didn't have to rinse any bowls or pour anyone milk.  Let me just say that the day was 1000 times better than a bowl of cereal, even better than a bowl of crunchy Oh's, which happens to be my favorite cereal! 
Muffins and freshly cut strawberries for breakfast, coffee in my favorite cup waiting for me and all my Things gathered around the table with homemade cards.  Those are the best, aren't they?  I hope they never stop that tradition.  Their words, well let's just say I shed a few tears over my crumbs.  Then I read Thing 4's card and couldn't stop laughing.  He isn't much for the concept of planning ahead.  So when he woke and hid under his blankets on the couch and then ignored Husband Jared's prompting to get up and get moving it was no surprise.  I knew what he was up to.  Needless to say his card was humorous.  I'll let the pictures do the talking for me.

So, you'll have to turn your computer or your neck to read this, not sure what happened here, but you get the gist!  This is Thing 4!
We worshipped together and then ran home, changed to warmer clothes and were on our way to our family picnic at the lake beach.  Beach must be clarified when you live here in the North.  Not warm sand and salty sea air.  Beautiful and inviting. Just different.  As so many things are.  Husband Jared decided to pick up lunch at Whole Foods so that each and everyone of us could have exactly what we wanted.  Well we all did and then some.  It was great.  There were kite fliers and dog walkers and the best people watching.  We walked and took pictures and played tag.  My kind of afternoon. 
For the record, I was scolded for taking this picture, I should have been the one sitting down they said.  What can I say?  These are my peeps and I love 'em.
 Late in the afternoon we drove home and talked some more.  Things did homework, Thing 3 helped in the kitchen, I snuck away for a pedicure and when I came home dinner was in the oven and a few hours later we gathered once again around the dinner table.  This time listening to jokes being told and stories and silliness and more love than this Mama could handle.  My favorite.  My day.
That's me, the Mama, in the middle

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    Amen, sister! :)

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