Thing 3's Birthday Day

Thing 3 was ready for her birthday day knowing that her every wish was our command.  Or something like that, right?  At least we let her think so.  Her breakfast choice was first on the list and her choice did not disappoint,  chocolaty chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and fruit, just to round out the meal.  These pancakes were nothing short of delectable.  Perhaps some of the best I've ever made.  My connoisseurs agreed. Of course there is no photo documentation of the meal because we all inhaled it.  We sat and watched some footie together, not sure that was Thing 3's choice but she obliged and her Daddy was one happy guy.  The rain was falling and any sort of outdoor activity was out of the question so the mall was Thing 3's next choice.  All six of us piled in and made the trek to MOA for a new pair of TOMS and some make up shopping for the now 13 year old.  The boys went their own way and us girls went to work. As Thing 3 sat in the chair having her colors matched and all that nonsense this Mama stood back and shed a few tears.  Really.  My three girls are all teenagers now.  My oh my. 

In the make up chair!
The three teenage Things
After make up application, subtle beauty.  Even though no make up is needed
 she sure enjoyed having some one dote on her a bit.
From MOA we headed home and the sun began to shine.  Things 3 and 4 hit the park for some basketball and dog walking with Husband Jared, Things 1 and 2 did homework and napped and I prepared the special birthday dinner.  On the menu this year, well I could just tell you to go back to last year's post but I won't, even though it's exactly the same.  Barbecue chicken, artichokes and homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon, Arnold Palmers to drink.  Yes ma'am.  I do believe that Thing 3 is responsible for all the dinner photographs. 
The birthday girl's plate

BBQ chicken, birthday girl even helped grill, it was delish!
Once the dishes were cleared we quickly made way for present opening and cake.  Red velvet with vanilla cream cheese frosting and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  Same as it ever was.  The girl is a tad predictable and I'm completely OK with that.  We sang our hearts out, like we always do, watched her blow the candles out, with the lights turned off of course, and then we cut into the red velvet deliciousness that was waiting for us. 
Decorated cake
Make a wish

To end the day Thing 3 requested a family movie viewing of "The Hobbit".  I could hardly wait.  It was one of my favorite novels growing up and I even attempted to share that contagion with the Things by reading it aloud to them when they were younger.  According to Husband Jared it was too wordy and they were bored with my voices.  Well thank you very much.  The  movie was alright but the best part was snuggling with these three.
My three favorite teenagers! 
A birthday to remember for sure.  Until next year...

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