Red Neck Olympics

Disclaimer: Mama was not present for these games.  There I said it.  We were all sitting at the breakfast table at Loveless when the Things had the grand idea of staging a red neck Olympic challenge at Grandpa and Mema's house.  Perfect.  Their afternoon was planned and I headed into Franklin for lunch with two of my bestest.  I couldn't wait.  Until I saw the photos Husband Jared was sending me and I think I may have missed out on the activities.  This was the first that came through.
I've never been prouder!
Games on the docket: fishing, paddle boat races, archery, and BB guns.  They even purchased actual targets.  This was fo' real.  I have the scoring sheet to prove it. 

A little blurry, but the numbers don't lie!
Because I wasn't present for these shenanigans I will have to show you in pictures how the day unfolded.  Looks like there was some fun.  Maybe a hint of disappointment.  Due in part to our family's competitive nature, none of these six like to lose. 
The paddle boat used in the races and the pond on which the fishing took place

Let the games begin...

The archery winner!

BB gun winner!

Couldn't help but add this photo, look at that form!

Not sure what this is evidence of except that this girl has some
enthusiasm and I love that about her!
Just love this photo
Although this catch didn't count in the most fishes caught
it is still post worthy due to it's size, way to go Thing 4!

Thing 4, what's the matter?  I was told he might have been a tad upset that he knocked the bottle off the branch in the paddle race.  The goal was to shake the bottle hanging when you made it to the marker, if it fell then you would receive a time penalty.  There's no messing around here, we take our games seriously.

First catch of the season must always be kissed, family rule!
There were also a few spectators that joined in the fun for the finale.  Look at these sweet faces watching their older cousins.  Someday, you two will be able to participate in the games!

That my friends is the documentation of the first ever red neck Olympic games, Hanson style, as coordinated by the four Things.  Do they know how to have a good time or what?! 

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