A Week or so Without Sisters

This past week we have been parents of an only child.  Let me explain.  Thing 2 was able to finagle a ride down South with the Horel family when they left after the Fourth.  Securing a seat in the back of their family van for the two day drive to Franklin.  She was nothing short of thrilled and I was nothing short of sad.  Three weeks without my second born.  Whatever would I do?  I still don't have the answer to that question.  We are only a little over a week in and I'm missing her terribly. add insult to injury Things 1 and 3 left for their California trip just a few days after.  It was Thing 1's turn for her week with Poppi and Nani and Thing 3 had coordinated a week long stay with the Stuck family to help with Olivia's arrival and her big sister.  Thus leaving Thing 4 all on his own.  No sisters to contend with and Dad and Mama all to himself.  He was giddy!  
Quite honestly  I think he and I were both a tad excited at the possibilities the week held for us.  He had big plans for us.  Lots of outdoor activities his sisters are never interested in, high action movies and TV shows that his sisters don't want to watch, most of all both parents all to himself.  It's not too often that we have undivided attention for only one Thing.  This was a gift and held the promise of some sweet memories for us.  We have most certainly made the most of our time together.  There were pool dates.  Thing 4 taught me how to frolf.  And then he won, sinking a shot on the 9th hole from rather far out.  Impressive!  Time at the park running around, a trip to the skate park, playing basketball, lake trips, lunch at Lions Tap, friend time playing the Wii, golf with one of Thing 1's friends and even some catapult building for an ultimate show down between red and blue dragons.
Frolf at Staring Lake

Thing 4 and his best buddy
Thing 4 giving Polo a belated 8th birthday ice cream treat

Thing 4 and his buddies, waiting to go swim
Building the catapult

Will's back swing
While we have had a full week with many of Thing 4's favorites, not to mention some footie matches thrown in for good measure, I do believe that we are all missing the six of us being together.  Snuggles on the couch late into the night with Thing 4 are sweet and I have cherished those.  Him all curled up under the blanket and pretending to be asleep so Husband Jared has to carry him up the stairs are moments I hope not to ever forget.  There is something to be said though for the dynamics of the four when they're together.  Without those girlies here a piece of the puzzle is missing.  Enough said.  I am grateful for the opportunity that those girls have had.  The independence they display when they venture away from the comfort of home and me.  See how I just brought that right back to me?  Hmm.  I might be the only one having the issue here. 
So, here we are only days away from two of the three returning and it all seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.  I've been hearing tales of their adventures and seeing pictures that have been sent via text and otherwise and I just love that.  Them sharing pieces of their days with me in a different way.  I still can't wait to hug their necks and see their faces...In person.  
Yet for now I will love on Thing 4 some more and enjoy spending the next few days with our only child.   

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