MN Zoo

The Minnesota zoo.  It was on the Things' summer bucket list last year and we never made it and then again this year so we thought with the Horels being here it was a perfect time to venture out to Apple Valley and wander around.  Thing 4 had a game in Lakeville that evening so we made a day of it.  Packed up after nap time and began the adventure.  We walked through Africa and Russia, where Uncle Jeff tried to convince us he spoke the native tongue.  Ha!  Then we saw strange deer like animals with white cotton looking bums.  There were giraffe and bears and even bubbling geysers, native to the area?  At least that's what the sign said.  An interesting fact or creature awaiting us at every turn.  In fact, we took pictures of some interesting creatures below...
The four grown ups

The Things and Cousins

Uncle Jared telling Autumn all about the tigers. 
The way she's holding his face just melts my heart.

Thing 3, or Pudding, as she's referred to by this Uncle, always
smiles and shenanigans with these two!

This mighty bear put on quite the show for us, went from laying down, to sitting on his behind to standing tall and then walking around his habitat.  Impressive.
The end of the zoo brought us to the Things' favorite exhibit, sea creatures.  There were tide pools and sea horses and even sharks you could touch.  By far the highlight of the day for the kiddos, young and old.  Our trip to the zoo was over and it was on to the next venue, Thing 4's footie match.  We had packed dinner, homemade pretzel dogs made by the two hugging in the kitchen; Which were delicious, by the way. 
Uncle Jeff and Will"I"Am...Gone Country (another nickname)
The tent was pitched to help block the sun, dinner was shared and all of us cheered for Thing 4.  His team walked away with a win which was the cherry on top for an already sweet day.

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